- methylsufonylmethane -
pure nutritional sulfur

MSM - methylsufonylmethane powder

MSM is a natural form of organic sulfur found in all living organisms. MSM is prevalent throughout the human body. Your body consists of water, salt and MSM. MSM comes from the ocean and is a prime source of bio-available sulfur, which is lost from our food by processing, drying, cooking and preserving.

MSM is an important food (not a drug or medicine) and plays many roles in the body, including the stimulation of the growth of healthy skin, hair and nails. It is believed needed by the body for healthy, connective tissues and joint function, proper enzyme activity and hormone balance, along with the proper function of the immune system.

The body uses MSM to create new, good, healthy cells. Without proper levels of sulfur, our bodies are unable to build good, healthy cells, and this leads to illness. Our bodies are producing new cells 24 hours per day. If your body doesn't receive proper nutrition and building materials, it will produce bad, dysfunctional cells, deficient in the basic ingredients that constitute a healthy cell. Because of its volatile nature, MSM is quickly lost from food when it is processed, cooked and/or stored. With today’s modern diet of cooked and otherwise processed and diluted foods, most, if not all, diets of civilized man are deficient in this critically important ingredient.

MSM and vitamin C are believed to be used together in the body to build healthy new cells. MSM provides the flexible bond between amino acids in proteins. Without sulfur, the new cell is not permeable, and osmosis is hampered. These cells lose their flexibility as seen by scar tissue, wrinkles, varicose veins, hardened arteries or damaged lung tissues (emphysema).

MSM is as safe as drinking pure water. Because of its inert nature, MSM is non-allergenic, non-pyretic, and has no interfering or undesirable pharmacological effects. You cannot overdose with MSM.

It is estimated that the human body uses approximately 1/8 teaspoon of MSM each day! It needs to be replaced every day! Good health practices involve replacing essential substances that our bodies naturally use up or lose through illness or abuse. If you are physically active and get sore muscles after such activity, try 1/2 teaspoon and you will notice a difference. Keep in mind that the body is much more abused by toxins and free-radicals in the metropolitan cities than in rural areas and may require more MSM to maintain optimum health. The level of dis-ease your body is experiencing will also affect the amount of MSM needed to carry out daily function and proper repair of cells. Some people will take between 1-3 teaspoons depending on the level of energy and wellness they wish to obtain. You cannot overdose on MSM, so feel free to experiment. The owner personally takes 2 teaspoons twice per day. Remember that MSM only remains in the body for 12 hours. So, you must remember to take MSM twice daily.

Suggested Dosage:
1000mg (1/4 tsp.) for every 60lbs. body weight; twice daily.

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